Managing your suppliers in Africa is hard. Who can you trust? Who will deliver? Who will still be around next year? Inoxico generates transparency in your supply chain to avoid fraud, waste and disruptions.

How we can HeLP

Vendor Vetting and On-Boarding Support

Our vendor data sourcing, verification and assessment service to support your vendor on-boarding process

Conflict of Interest Risk Assessment

Visualisation of associations between vendors and employees to identify fraud, waste and abuse in your supplier ecosystem

Vendor Database Updates

Data sourcing, verification and cleaning service to update existing vendor databases

Vendor Risk Monitoring

Vendor monitoring of data changes to identify risk changes

Vendor Deep Dives

Conduct in depth and discreet investigations into companies, individuals and markets 


Interested in multiple services?


Compete on Compliance

  • Ensure continued adherence to internal policies

  • Quickly evaluate suppliers for on-boarding

  • Assure compliance with “know your business partner” requirements resulting from the Fraud Prevention Act, the FCPA, UK Bribery Act et al

Limit Opportunity for Fraud

  • Identify, monitor and manage conflict of interest and fraud risks

  • Make use of integrated software tools and data sources for deeper investigations

Ensure Business Continuity

  • Track critical information regarding deteriorations in your suppliers risk profiles

  • Determine the ability of suppliers to deliver sustainably

  • Improve and better leverage gains in efficiency, agility, and competitiveness

What our Clients say

Our company needed due diligence services on third parties (customers, suppliers and partners) located within and outside of RSA as well as reporting on any conflicts of interest.
Inoxico supplies us with online reporting and quick turnaround service. Inoxico is doing a good job and providing us with an excellent service.
— Vishala Panday, Head of Compliance, Barloworld Equipment
During the project, the Inoxico team managed to deliver quality data, even from a challenging commercial information environment such as the DRC. The resulting intelligence enabled us to identify hidden risks and suboptimal situations.
— Hendrik Landman, Supply Chain Unit Manager, Metorex
When we had a short term need for some critical supplier data, the Inoxico Team was of great assistance in sourcing the documents and data from more than 140 vendors with a 90% success rate. This was achieved within a few days of receiving the brief. Inoxico went the extra mile in assisting us and this helped us meet our audit targets.
— Zodwa Velleman, Legal, Security and Corporate Relations Director, Heineken