As Inoxico progresses towards our goal of creating the largest database of company and business information in Africa, we have in the past few months added over 1 million companies in Kenya, Nigeria and Swaziland to our already large database. Soon to be added will be Ghana and Botswana.

Below is a map of the database coverage:

Inoxico’s growing database footprint.

Inoxico also places significant emphasis on telephonic and on-the-ground research to complement our database to ensure clients get the information they need to make credit or purchasing decisions. Furthermore, In each country we are able to collect official documentation (such as company incorporation certificates) for KYC and Due Diligence purposes. Although these processes are manual and very challenging to get right, Inoxico understands how important this information is to retrieve and validate.

Below is a map of our research coverage:

An overview of the countries with strong research coverage.