Vendor Risk Vetting

Benefits of Debtor Risk Screening in Africa

  • Grow your sales beyond established networks and COD accounts
  • Stay away from debtors in financial distress or trading illegally
  • Know who really profits from the relationship and identify conflicts of interest
  • Protect your brand and reputation

Features of our Credit Risk Reports

  • Tailored and intuitive layout
  • Data sourced in collaboration with the subject company and verified with 3rd parties and public records
  • Coverage across Sub-Sahara Africa
  • Red flag pre-screening by an experienced analyst
  • API available for automated request and data transfers
Inoxico Company Report Thumbnail.png

Inoxico Core

How to Access our Services

  • 24/7 access to our database and fresh research capability via our Inoxico Core portal
  • Customisable report templates and request worksflows
  • Access to a range of other auxiliary products, such as Online Quickviews, Alerts and Adverse Listings
  • We also make an API available for automated request processing and data transfer directly into your systems