We unlock growth in Africa by helping companies do business with other companies in Africa in a clean, fair and cost-effective manner.


To enable business with companies in Africa to be as transparent as it is in any developed market.


To manage the largest, unique, relevant database of companies in Africa.


Extreme Ownership

Your responsibility does not stop with your job description. If your colleagues fail, you pick up the slack. If you have an idea on how to do things better, you fight for it. Hold yourself and your colleagues to the highest standards. If you failed in a task, you own up to it and learn from it.


  • Weekly team meetings in which you report on and commit to your critical goals for the week

  • Shared success celebrations


continuous Improvement

Look for small improvements every day. Fix problems only once (and for all). Keep educating yourself. Keep getting to know yourself better.


  • Report on your improvements on a quarterly basis

  • Read form the Inoxico Library of Excellence

  • Participate in and contribute to weekly training sessions

  • Participate in weekly Close The Loop meetings to pick up on issues across functions


Radical Candour.jpg

Radical Candor

Be honest. Ask for feedback and don't hold it back. Expect candid feedback and disagreement.


  • Quarterly 360 Degree feedback sessions

  • Vibrant debate culture



PAssion for Africa

We embrace the challenges of the African operating environment. We believe that entrepreneurship and private enterprise will create progress and prosperity.


  • Our products are designed with Africa in mind

  • We embrace exposure to African cultures and work environments

  • We educate ourselves about Africa


B-BBEE Transformation

Inoxico is a Level 2 Qualifying Small Enterprise.