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Supply chain governance, debtor management, or counterparty intelligence – we source, verify and analyse commercial data to unlock the African growth story for our clients.

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Inoxico is a South African data service provider helping companies reduce fraud, waste and abuse in their supply chains in Africa through data driven business intelligence and local expertise.

Why Inoxico?

We are experts in servicing the entire lifecycle for commercial data in Africa.


Company Data

We provide business intelligence services for three primary use cases.

Supply Chain Governance

Generating transparency.
Safeguarding continuity.

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Debtor Management

Predicting credit risk.
Protecting cash flow.

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Counterparty & Market Intelligence

Informing strategy.
Maintaining integrity.

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Your gateway to commercial and consumer data in South Africa.

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Your access to collaborative research tradecraft on companies in Africa.

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Our comprehensive supplier repository, analysis and investigation tool.

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High quality research resources at your disposal for bespoke  tasks in Africa.

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